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sailing boats with open sails in marina betina
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We are dedicated to providing a premium service in marina management and development, offering great experiences to clients.

Marina Betina is located at the northern entrance of the Murter Canal, separated from the mainland and the closest Tisno some 7 km where a draw bridge connects the island of Murter with the mainland.

Marina Betina is situated in Betina, a small picturesque place on the island of Murter in Šibensko-kninska county. It was named after an old Celtic word “bet” which means ‘mouth’ and which describes perfectly its location.

Marina betina and shipyard architectural plan concept

Unique architectural concept

Marina Betina is a unique architectural concept designed in shape of a ship, symbolizing the centuries-long connection between people, sea and boats.
Marina Betina is a place of intimate atmosphere and divine art, with harmony accomplished between surroundings and contents.

One of the most beautiful and intimate places on the coast – Marina Betina, the place you belong to is located in Betina, small picturesque place on the island of Murter, in the vicinity of two national parks, Kornati islands and river Krka, the most attractive sailing areas in the Adriatic…

Our Vision

We are dedicated  to creating an attractive environment, create customer-oriented services that are supported by the latest technology that will enable our guests to fully enjoy Marina Betina.

Our Mision

We want to offer excellent service, complemented by comfort and leisure for sea lovers and provide unforgettable moments.

We strive for our values, which are Excellence, Hospitality, Sustainability, Simplicity and Joy.


Betina is one of the few places along the Dalmatian Coast where the art of wooden shipbuilding has survived.

It is known for its Gajeta, a boat equipped with a lateen sail.

The Betina Wooden Shipbuilding Museum are focused on the preservation and promotion of traditional wooden shipbuilding. The permanent exhibition shows the tools and technology of shipbuilding and the importance of ships in the daily life of the local population.

The local port is part of the open-air museum.

betina museum of wooden shipbuilding croatia

... in the immediate vicinity of Marina Betina

national park kornati croatia

National Park Kornati

Kornati are a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea in northern Dalmatia. With its exceptionally clear sea, numerous inlets, bays and small ports Kornati are a must see destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons.

national park telascica bay croatia

Telašćica Bay

Telašćica Bay is located in the southeastern part of Dugi Otok. It should definitely be visited because of its exceptional beauty, wealth and importance. The bay is surrounded by 13 islands and islets, along with 6 islets within the bay itself.

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is a protected area of spectacular natural scenery, wildlife and historic sites. Situated along the Krka River within Sibenik-Knin County, the national park is best known for its numerous gushing waterfalls and natural pools of clear, blue-green waters.

krka waterfalls national park

Vransko lake

The largest natural lake in Croatia.
Vrana Lake and the surrounding area were declared a nature park. It is one of the few, almost untouched natural habitats of water birds.

vransko vrana lake nature park croatia


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