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A Place Where You Belong


Betina, a small and picturesque village on the island of Murter in the immediate vicinity of the Kornati archipelago, is a special place where tradition is part of the future - marina Betina.

Marina Betina is a unique architectural solution designed around the idea and form of a ship, which symbolizes the age-old connection of people, sea and ships - a place where we belong.

Marina Betina is a place of pleasure, intimate atmosphere and divine art, where complete harmony reigns between the environment and the contents.



Sailing boats arriving in marina betina
marina betina port for boats
boats in marina betina safe mooring

For a short stay in the marina...

As a home port during the season...

Safe mooring throughout the year...




- Travel Lift 440t / 40t / 20t

- Boat Towing Pool 9,6m wide / 4,5m depth

- Sheds 900 m2 / 360 m2

- Ship Lift Area 30.000 m2

- Pier


- Repairs and maintenance

- Polishing and waxing

- Underwater service

- Electro-mechanical services

shipyard marina boating services betina

Shipyard and marina Betina were founded in 1948 on tradition of Betina's wooden shipbuilding dating back to the 18th century. From the beginning to the present days seaman, boat and the sea are our partners.

Continuing 200 years long tradition in ship-building, we are offering complete servicing and maintenance service for your boats, sailboats and other vessels.

Marina Betina is a safe harbor for all sailors and their vessels.

In the Betina marina, special care is taken to protect the environment and the cleanliness of the sea, underwater cleaning actions are regularly carried out, as well as special measures for sorting and collecting waste.

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Marina Betina

N. Škevina 15
HR-22244 Betina

OIB: 8658244578

Marina Reception Desk

+385 (0)22 434 497

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